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Posted: 07/26/2021

Model: Hali Belle

Description: Belle is a hipster who has recently arrived in town with a bunch of other student activists from Lexington in order to protest the lack of progress on the disappearances. The clip would start with Belle drinking coffee outside on the back patio and on the phone with another organizer, with Belle confirming she has a few Center College organizations that are going to demonstrate. As soon as she hangs up, Hali comes over and tells Belle that she heard about the protests and she wants to attend. Belle enthusiastically greets her and digs through her backpack on the floor to find information to give to Hali. As she has her back turned, Hali slips several drops of a knockout drug into Belle's coffee. Hali pretends to be very interested and asks Belle how she can get more involved, with Hali saying how scared for her life she has been. Belle finishes her coffee and the two girls walk back to the driveway, with Belle getting fired up about how the investigation is completely failing women everywhere. However, she starts feeling the effects of the drug and is looking like she's about to faint. Hali tells Belle to sit down for awhile and helps her into Hali's car, but closes the door shut as Belle is realizing what's happening and Hali climbs in with Belle trying to get out and drives away. . In the next scene, Hali is dragging Belle into the living room by her ankles and brings her arms and legs in close while making sure Belle is laying flat on her back. Hali is in a foul mood at this time, still angry that she was foot raped by Lenore and that she has no idea where Lenore is or who to begin asking. In the meantime, Hali talks about watching Belle all morning at the coffee shop, and knowing the risk of taking a girl in public like she did, all while wrapping Belle up in her thin brown blanket from her head to about halfway between Belle's knees and feet. Hali kicks off her own flats before kneeling at Belle's feet. Hali loves Belle's shoes and eagerly takes them off and removes her socks before she lefts Belle's feet up into her own face and takes a minute rubbing her feet all over her face, taking in the scent and feel of Belle's soles before she begins to sensually suck on her feet. After several minutes, Hali lays back and pulls Belle's feet through her own legs, joking about how good activist feet taste. Hali also talks about who she needs to go after next, whether she should get another stranger, or look for someone that Lenore knows. After awhile, Hali puts Belle's feet down and goes to lay alongside her, with the camera mostly focused on the soles and side of her feet. Hali keeps both feet close together as she keeps up her assault and especially likes to suck on both big toes simultaneously. Hali suddenly remembers that she has Belle's things in her car, so she gets up to go and get them. The screen fades while focused on Belle's soles. At about the 20 minute mark, the scene begins with Belle's soles and feet twitching as she wakes up with no idea where she is. Belle is disgusted by her feet being covered with saliva and begins to get up, but Hali saunters in and aims a gun at her. Belle is instructed to sit down and use her inside voice by Hali. Belle says that people are definitely looking for her, which Hali shrugs at, saying people have been looking for her for over 2 years and no one has found her yet. Belle immediately realizes that Hali is the actual perpetrator and asks why she's doing this to all these girls. Hali commands Belle to sit down and places the gun at her throat, then tells Belle that she simply loves feet and she has to have them her way. Belle is disgusted and tries to escape, calling Hali sick, but Hali shoots her with the tranquilizer gun and quickly knocks her out. Hali wraps up Belle again and lays her on her back, straddling her hips and thighs to take all her pictures before she demolishes Belle's feet, holding her feet close to one another and even taking a minute to lean back and lift Belle's feet up into her face to suck on them. At about the 1 minute mark, Hali gets a reminder on her phone. She realizes that she's had Makena under the bed for over 3 hours now, so she needs to let her out. Hali ponders bringing Makena down and sucking on her feet too as she walks upstairs. Meanwhile, the camera pans around Belle's feet before it settles on a low angle close up of her soles, side by side and totally relaxed.


Posted: 03/17/2021

Model: Candice Dangling Feet In Thong Sandal

Description: Candice is sitting at her desk with her legs crossed and playing with her new thong sandals! While she works she continuously dangles, wiggles, and spreads her toes. Without letting them drop to the floor she loves exercising her feet! Watch Candice dangle and drive you crazy!


Posted: 12/07/2020

Model: Cora Gets Help To Pump Hard!

Description: Cora is having a bad struggle with starting her truck, she just had it fixed and still not starting right. Her good old friend comes up to help her, but he just only wants to watch her pump with her tight fitting heels on! He try's telling her how to pump hard, but Cora is so frustrated with the piece of shit! But then Cora starts noticing him staring at her feet! She asks him does he like watching her punish the gas pedal, and she makes sure she teases him with it!


Posted: 08/26/2020

Model: Teddi And Jamie Worship Holidays Feet!

Description: Teddi and Jamie have same specially today to worship Holidays lovely big feet! Holiday works hard and is constantly on her feet so its nice to lay back and let her foot bitches make her feel better.


Posted: 05/27/2020

Model: Julia Tired of Boyfriend

Description: Julia shrinks, teases and then eats her boring boyfriend. She wears stockings in the video and puts them on his tiny body (POV) finally its in her mouth! (POV cam)


Posted: 05/05/2020

Model: Holiday Can Definitely Tell Jala Loves

Description: Jala and her room mate Holiday are both busy studying for a huge test they have tomorrow. Holiday is sitting on the couch reading her text book with her hot sweaty sneakers propped up on the table right in front of Jala's face. While Jala is busy trying to study, she can't help but notice Holiday's hot sweaty sneakers and the stench they give off. Leaning in for a closer smell while trying not get noticed, Jala takes in a few short whiffs of the stinky stench. After a few minutes, she removes Holiday's sneakers and informs her she is trying to make her more comfortable when really all she wants to do is sniff her sweaty soiled socks! Still pretending to study, Jala inches closer to the socks, closes her eyes and heavily breathes in all the stink and sweat permeating off her room mates socks. Finally, she removes Holiday's socks, exposing her bare soles and smiles informing her now she will be extremely comfortable! Just like before, Jala sticks her nose right into holiday's stinky soles and even inhales the worst stenchful parts between her toes! Holiday at this point notices Jala's strange attraction for the smell of her feet and smiles while she inches them closer to Jala to enjoy. Instead of being disgusted, she actually is intrigued and likes watching her sexy little room mate enjoy her bare sweaty soles!


Posted: 03/19/2020

Model: Mandy and Kaya Sexy Lesbian Footsie Pt

Description: Mandy and Kaya stand by the bar table, in their sexy dresses and their long stockinged legs dipping in and out of their pumps. The girls flirt with each other before starting a nice makeout session. They'll take a break and sit down to dangle and smoke a cigarette. Their pumps fall again and their long stockinged feet begin a round of footsie and we can hear their nylons rubbing together! Love the way these girls look together? There's more to come! (in HiDef)


Posted: 02/12/2020

Model: Kookies Sweaty Boot Feet

Description: Kookie has been out all day running around and she is tired, her feet are hot and sweaty from being in her big fuzzy boots all day! once Kookie arrives home, she kicks her feet up at the table and sits back to relax, As Kookie smokes she kicks her stinky boots off one by one then, she slowly peels her wet sticky sock from her wrinkled soles. Once Kookie has her feet free from her wet socks, she waves them around in the air and cools them off! She spreads her toes and flexes to stretch her tired stinky throbbing feet out!(HIdef)


Posted: 12/28/2019

Model: Hali

Description: Intruder Enjoys Halis Sleeping Socks And Nylons: Hali has just found the perfect pair of see through white socks to wear to her neighbors party. Even though they're her friends and their stinky and sweaty, she decides to wear them anyways. There's no way she can resist the cuteness! Feeling lightheaded, she passes out on the floor shortly after and is visited by an intruder that wants more than jewelry or money! Quickly, he takes advantage while Hali is out and quietly sniffs her stockings and sweaty socks. Hali is unaware through all his sniffing and deep inhaling. When she wakes up, she notices one of her friends socks is missing and still has no idea her stinky sweaty feet have been taken advantage of by a compete stranger!


Posted: 12/14/2019

Model: Marissa and Roxi

Description: Roxi finds her next sexy milf victim when she poses as a trick or treater and goes knocking on all the neighborhood doors looking for the sexiest feet. Once she finds them in a a sexy milf named Marissa, she quickly fast forwards to where Marissa is passed out on the floor and she is busy sniffing her sweaty stinky boots and socks! Then, Roxi begins sensually sucking on each of Marissa's toes individually while holding her feet together, commenting on how comfortable her toes fit into her wet mouth. Her tongues swipes up and down on her wrinkly soles and she suctions her plump lips around Marissa's toes, sucking on them and ending with a loud "pop" sound when she releases them from her mouth. Finally, Roxi snaps a few pics for her collections and then quickly goes to pick out of Marissa's' movie collection, leaving Marissa passed out on the floor with her bare feet exposed!


Posted: 09/30/2019

Model: Nikki And Riley Toe Fight!

Description: Nikki doesn't want Riley to sit next to her, so when she does she gets a little angry. Nikki watches her mouth some, but refuses to back down and win the seat back over. So she becomes a little aggressive with Riley by using her TOES. Her and Riley lock toes and fight. Riley refuses to back down too so she locks on to Nikki's toe even harder. Wonder who's going to win this fight.


Posted: 08/19/2019

Model: Mandy

Description: Mandy surprises him with a knock on the door. She just got off work at the strip club and has lost her house key. He welcomes her in the house and leads her to the living room. Mandy starts complaining about how hot and sweaty she is from dancing all day at work. She is dying to take a shower but unfortunately, the man's water is off. Mandy is bummed, but as she catches him staring at her bare feet on the coffee table, she gets an idea. Mandy asks her neighbor to use his tongue to clean her sweaty body. The man quickly agrees and does exactly as Mandy says. She sparks up a cigarette and instructs him to lick the sweat and dirty from her big bare feet, her long legs, juicy ass and her smelly armpits. Mandy tells him that if he does a good job, she will come over once a week to give him a free dance, as long as he licks her sweaty feet afterwards! (HiDef) (POV)


Posted: 07/24/2019

Model: Jill Riley

Description: Riley has a sink leak and plumber Jill arrives to repair it. When Riley kneels down in front of the sink and shows Jill the problem Jill carefully removes Rileys flip flops to admire her wrinkled soles. Jill then takes her place to start repairing the sink and now Riley amuses herself removing Jill's flip flops. Riley finds her very attracted to her feet and asks Jill if she wants to earn more money and Jill agrees. Riley wants to see the plumbers foot work like tiptoes, arches, and amazing toe points!


Posted: 07/05/2019

Model: Breezy Cinamon

Description: Trick or Treat Smell Mommy Feet Littleman: Both Cinamon and Breezy make the poor boy smell their sweaty socked feet and bare soles. He needs to start being a good little boy so this does't happen to him!


Posted: 05/10/2019

Model: Kat Gets The Tiny Burglar VR

Description: Kat catches the tiny burglar after he squeezed threw the crack of the door. She tortures him with her big feet. She steps on him and rubs her big sweaty toes all over his tiny little body. She teaches him a lesson before ending his tiny little life. Virtual Reality


Posted: 02/20/2019

Model: Raven

Description: A tiny camera crew of Lifestyles of the Big and Beautiful is in Raven's home following her around on her everyday life as a giant. She is completely unaware of them being there. Raven wakes up and does her morning routine, marching in place, bending down touching her toes, walking around, smacking her flops very loudly..etc. The crew is ground level and is very close to her toes and heels. She changes different pairs of flip flops from her collection giving different views. At the end, Raven the giant has spotted the crew and picks up the camera telling them she hopes they enjoyed her big lifestyle!


Posted: 01/19/2019

Model: Makena

Description: Tiny Runt gets a does of stinky toe spreading feet from Makena!


Posted: 12/21/2018

Model: Phoebe

Description: Her Big feet up close! Phoebe Lets The Tiny Loser Follow Her Around As phoebe works out, her little tiny Latin friend watches... He has Followed Phoebe every where and she has become quite annoyed! Phoebe lets her little Latin friend watch but as she works out and he gets to close she tells him she will step on him! Phoebe degrades him and racially humiliates him.. Phoebe calls him a loser and lets him know she serves no purpose! Instead of Him following her around she would rather put his tiny body in her mouth so she can eat him!


Posted: 11/26/2018

Model: Marie Jill Saige

Description: Marie Is Back And Her Feet Are Ready To Get Attacked! Marie is finally back to SSF and cannot wait to get her feet pampered and worshiped! It's been forever and she's forgotten what it feels like to have two wet tongues slipping up and down her sweaty bare soles! Saige and Jill love and have missed her big sweaty feet dearly and can't wait to get their tongues all over them! They start by slowly sucking on her long toes and slipping their tongues in and out of the spaces between her toes. They share a foot and touch tongues as they swirl them across every inch of her toes and soles. They drench her wrinkles in spit and then get foot fucked by her big feet, but both bitches take it like a champ! Marie can't believe she waited so long to come back and her foot bitches can't wait for her to come back!


Posted: 10/29/2018

Model: Lenore and Jill

Description: Lenore has no choice but to pass her gym in order to graduate this year. Her coach, Jill informs her that smoking while in class is definitely not going to help her case any at all. Jill knows Lenore's current situation and knows she has the the power to break her. In order to help both her and her student out, Jill devises a plan that insures they both get what they want! After a long jog, Jill has her own one on one with Lenore and informs her that if she really wants to graduate this year, she's going to have to do whatever it takes to make it happen. After making her remove her stinky sweaty sneakers, she forces her to sniff her disgusting soiled socks! Then, she orders her to lick the stink and sweat off her sweaty bare soles! Jill secretly loves feeling her toes hit the back of her students throat and feeling them penetrate in and out of her mouth. She can't help but to grab the top of Lenore's head with both hands and force her down harder on her feet! Lenore is pathetic but she does whatever it takes to graduate! Finally, Jill informs her that she will need to return and do the exact same procedure tomorrow or that graduation day will still be a long way off!


Posted: 08/12/2018

Model: Jill

Description: Jill Showing off her big size 10 Wrinkled Soles!


Posted: 08/03/2018

Model: Cinamon

Description: Cinamon is ready to torture her tiny slave with her huge size 11 feet. She has him slap himself across the face 10 times, pinch and twist his nipples as hard as possible. Then forces him to open a drawer and stick his cock in it and slam it shut, pulling it out while drawer is still closed. Then slamming the drawer on his cock and balls at least 10 times. She gives him hell! He is nothing but a slave that will never get her feet!!


Posted: 06/23/2018

Model: Emma

Description: After a long day Emma makes her way home to kick her sweaty feet up.. she quickly gets in the house to the couch.... while she relaxes she takes her stinky damp sneakers off and flexes her socks around cooling them down in the breeze... Now that Emma is a little more comfortable and relaxes she peels her socks off . Emma flexes and Toe spreads while showing off her wrinkled soles... she is ready to enjoy her peaceful night!


Posted: 06/03/2018

Model: Its Shaylees Lucky Day

Description: Today must be Shaylee's lucky day because she has two beautiful sexy foot bitches, Jamie and Makena, down at her sweaty feet and ready to get them nice and wet! Their tongues coat her soles in hot wet spit and clean between all her wrinkles. They get between her toes where all the toe jam collects and sits. Shaylee foot fucks both their wet mouths and is impressed with their tongue work on her toes! When they share a foot, their tongues circle close together and clean her foot from heel to toe! Shaylee is in heaven and loves when she has the privilege of having two sexy foot bitches with mouths dripping with spit and ready to suck and lick!


Posted: 09/02/2016

Model: JennaJ

Description: An oldie with wonderful JennaJ taking off her black socks and showing her sweaty waitress feet


Posted: 06/05/2016

Model: Angie and Lenore foot suck HD

Description: Haven't put any videos on here for a long time but thought I`d share a girl-girl foot sucking


Posted: 10/21/2012

Model: Terri

Description: Part 2 of Terri teasing in sheer stockings. Wonderful soles


Posted: 10/20/2012

Model: Candice and Brooklyn

Description: Both women playing footsie with their hot feet spreading and clamping toes and soles in your face. MOre on www.sweetsouthernfeet.com


Posted: 08/29/2012

Model: Farrah

Description: NIce soles and heel callus under the desk at her work on phone.


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